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ADAS Vehicle Calibration Service by Ai Drive 360™

As vehicle technology is becoming more advanced, more vehicles are being built with intelligent systems to help motorists on the road. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS for short requires vehicle calibration service when the vehicle has been in an accident or had the windshield replacement. Ai Drive 360™ services most major vehicle brands and has Certified ADAS Technicians™ and Certified Electric Vehicle Technicians™ whose sole job is to work with your vehicles ADAS systems.

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93 %
In 2017 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) went from “optional” to standard in the majority of midsize and up vehicles with 92.7% of all new vehicles having at least one advanced driver assistance system in place. This means more vehicle calibration service is needed.
49 %
49% of cars will require an ADAS calibration by 2025 with higher estimates possible.
Vehicles will need an ADAS pre-scan and possible calibration after sensor replacements/accident repair/wheel alignment/windshield replacement/diagnostic service repair.
100 %
100% of vehicle owners/collision repair centers/alignment centers/automotive dealerships should rely on Ai Drive 360™ and our Certified ADAS Technicians™ for all of their calibration needs.



About Ai Drive 360™

Ai Drive 360™ is the areas first vehicle calibration service center to specialize in ADAS system diagnostics and vehicle sensor calibrations. We service most major vehicle brands and have Certified ADAS Technicians™ whose sole job is to work with the ADAS systems. We offer a comprehensive solution for the various tasks involved in calibrating vehicle ADAS systems via static and dynamic processes.

As vehicle technology is becoming more advanced, more vehicles are being built with intelligent systems to help motorists on the road. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS for short is used to describe these smart features and requires vehicle calibration service.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Static Vehicle Calibrations

Some vehicles require what is called a static calibration. This requires the vehicle to be set up in a shop, with specific targets set up at predefined distances to allow the camera to recalibrate itself while sitting still.  

This process requires more time as these targets need to be set at predetermined distances and heights in order for the camera to go through the recalibration process. Once completed, we road test the vehicle to ensure that all Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) systems are functioning as intended after the vehicle calibration service is performed by our Certified ADAS Technician™.

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Does My Vehicle Need Calibration?

A vehicle’s computer relies on the cameras / radars / lasers used by the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) being in the correct alignment to function properly. The vehicles computers does not automatically adjust the cameras / radars / lasers after a repair is made to the vehicle. So you need a vehicle calibration service.

Also, calibration guides the vehicle’s computer to ensure the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) are working properly and according to the OEM specifications.

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This video by Honda Motor Corporation shows many of the advanced drivers assist systems (ADAS) that are being installed in today's cars, trucks, and SUV's. If your vehicle has a windshield replacement, suspension change, is in an accident or has a wheel alignment, you need to have your forward-facing vehicle cameras re-calibrated to ensure proper function and return them to the manufacturer's specifications

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